Visita Islas Columbretes Ayuntamiento Castellón


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Departures to Columbretes from Castellón.

Trip from 8:00h. to 18:30h.
Trip Price 60


Departure at 8 am from the port of Grao de Castellón towards Columbretes.
Navigation 2h30min- 3 hours approx. Arrival around 11am to Isla Grossa (Big Island of Columbretes).
We request an appointment to visit the island (guided tour with ornithological experts).
After the trip there is time to bathe and snorkel in Tofiño harbor (Bahia de la Isla Grande).
Return around 3:00 pm to arrive at port around 6:00 pm.
In the bay of the island we eat on the boat.
Reserves are individual or groups.


Diving in the Columbretes from Castellón and Alcocebre

Information to dive in the Columbrete Islands.

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Tourism of Castellon

IMPORTANT; The visit to the Columbretes Islands depends on the daily quota of the island. That is to say. The quota of the ship will depend on the number of ships that visit the ISLA that day. We always try to go with the quota allowed for everyone to go down. But when we get to the Columbretes Islands we can find that it has been reduced and then everyone will not be able to go down to the Island. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

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