Visita Islas Columbretes Ayuntamiento Castellón

Visit Columbretes Islands

Columbretes islands are about 25 nautical miles and the coast of Castellón and approximately 50 nautical miles from Valencia.

Boats coming out and departure ports:
– CasaMar – > Castellon (10-12 passengers)
– Clavel – > Castellon y Oropesa (30-100 passengers)
– Veleros Beneteau Oceanis Clipper 393 – > Valencia (7-8 passengers) (A night to Columbretes)
– Velero Dufour 325 Grand Large – > Valencia (6-7 passengers) (A night at Columbretes)

Itinerary from Castellón:
Departure at 8 am in order to arrive mid-morning to the islands.
Boat trip Duration: 2h30 – 3h (depends on the boat).
Travel to the islands Columbretes: Arrival about 10:30 am at the Grossa island.
Visits take place on the boat and all around the island, and lasts between 1 and 1:30: Each boat have his own itinerary.
After the tour of the island Grossa, swimming will be allowed in the bay of the Big Island and snorkel in the Tofiño harbor (the Big Island Bay).
Return about 15:30 -16h to be at Castellón at 18h.

Itinerary from Valencia:
Departure to 10h-11h in order to arrive in the early afternoon and see a wonderful late afternoon.
The journey time is approximately 8 hours. Travel to the islands Columbretes: Arrive around 6pm ​​at the Grossa island.
Then it is time to bathe Grossa island, after it will be time to make dinner in the kitchen of the boat and eat under the moon Columbretes islands.
Then comes time to sleep and in the morning, watch the sunrise. A final lap around the island Grossa, and the last hour of the morning, return to Valencia to arrive in late afternoon.

Note: The descent on the island will be in condition for good weather and visit permits.

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